Create, Acquire and Protect Your Assets

As a trusted financial consultant firm, we specialize in providing sound advice, proven strategies and real solutions for individuals, families and businesses.

Live Webinar | The Smart Way To Plan A Funeral

The purpose of our webinars is to teach you the basic principles of the funeral industry so you can alleviate the financial burdens.



Financial Planning Made Simple

Through our comprehensive Asset CAP Plan, we'll help you to create, acquire and protect your assets. 

Create Your Assets

Asset creation is the first principle we'll teach you on your journey to true financial freedom. The ability to bring income producing assets into existence with limited or no resources takes an extraordinary set of skills. Our Asset Advisors will help you to develop a personalized asset creation plan.

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Acquire Your Assets

Acquiring assets is a strategy used to leverage and increase both your cash flow and net worth. Acquisitions and mergers are tools used to rapidly accumulate assets. Our Assets Advisors can help you identify and evaluate opportunities that works best for you and your family.

Protect Your Assets

If you're like most, your home, retirement account and/or business are among your largest assets. Whether your concern is for your personal or business assets, our Estate Protection Plan can keep your assets safe from unforeseen liabilities like, creditors, law suites and more.

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The Smart Way To Plan A Funeral

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Use our wisdom to reach your financial goals.

Advice from Financial Consultants

who have actually done it.

At Earl Childress, we advise you from the wisdom gained through our experiences. Therefore, it's better by far to consult the wisdom of those experienced in creating, acquiring and protecting assets than those who only have studied to sell financial services. Use our wisdom to reach your financial goals.

" Follow the laws that govern wealth to obtain true financial freedom. "

- Earl A Childress, II

Create, Acquire and Protect Your Assets™

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