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At Earl Childress Investments, we are expanding our presence to help more families protect their estates across the country. We are searching for talented individuals to help us achieve our vision of being America's #1 team in estate planning.

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At Earl Childress Investments, we are a new and exciting financial consulting firm which specialize in estate planning. We help families to protect their wealth. It’s imperative to us, at Earl Childress Investments, you understand what it takes to properly protect our families from life's perils. By doing so, we’re building an unprecedented business model that’s disrupting our industry.


If success motivates you, you belong at Earl Childress Investments. Take a moment to learn about our recruitment process, then view our available opportunities.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Preparation

It is important to be well-prepared when you apply for a position at Earl Childress Investments.  You will find useful information about our organization and our employees by reading our website. Look for positions that match your own expertise and interests.


2. Submit Online Application

Your opportunities will increase if your profile matches the requirements stated in our job announcement. We are careful to ensure that we are a good match for each other so please explain to us exactly why you want to work at Earl Childress Investments and how we can achieve fantastic results and develop together.


3. Application Review

As soon as we receive your correctly submitted application, we will send you a confirmation via email.  We will then process your application, carefully examining your qualifications and experience in relation to the position applied for in order to assess whether we may be a perfect match. If we decide that we would like to meet with you, our recruitment team will contact you to book an initial interview. They will provide you with all the necessary information prior to your interview, as well as about the subsequent stages of the process should you go forward.


4. Interviews

We know that interviews can be somewhat nerve racking, but please relax and be yourself. We are interested in you as a person, as well as why you want to work at Earl Childress Investments and why you believe that we should work with you specifically.  We are also curious about how we can assist your professional growth and development, so we would like to hear about your development areas.  If we believe that we may be right for each other, a second interview will be arranged.


5. Tests

If specific skills are required for the role for which you have applied, you will be asked to take an assessment and personality test. These tests provide us with information about your personality and problem-solving ability. Before you take the tests, we will of course inform you how they work and what you can do to prepare yourself. 


6. Offer

After interviewing and testing, we will make our choice from among the remaining candidates.  If you are our final candidate, we will contact you with an offer.  If we are able to agree – which naturally we hope we are able to do – we will begin to discuss the future and how we can best welcome you onboard!


7. Information once the process is completed

Our recruitment process may last from a couple of weeks to several months. As a candidate, you are always welcome to contact us during this period for an update.