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Estate planning is more than receiving legal documents from an attorney or an online legal document company. Guided by our team, we put you in control of your estate. Our proprietary online platform has disrupted the conventional attorney control over document changes, high attorney fees and the archaic methods of the estate planning industry.

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Earl Childress Investments go beyond the traditional approach and gives you access to a competent estate planning team normally reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Our team will guide you through the entire process.  

We've made estate planning an easy, accessible and affordable for all. Plus, our proprietary eStatePlan™ platform puts YOU in control of the legacy you leave behind. 

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is the process of anticipating, arranging, managing and protecting, then at the appropriate time to dispose of an individual's asset in the event of their incapacitation or death.

What is a trust and when would I need one?

A trust can give you more control, provide more flexibility, help you reach charitable goals and—depending on the type of trust—help save on estate taxes. Trusts can relieve heirs of the burden of managing assets. They can also spell out conditions heirs must meet before assets are transferred to them.

Is a will right for me?

While trusts can give you more control and flexibility, they don't replace wills. A will can help you name beneficiaries, distribute personal property and, if you have children under the age of 18, name their guardians. However, in most cases, a will along must be filed with your local probate court.

Who can I contact about managing my trust or distributing my assets?

We have an exclusive team of experienced trust services professionals who can help you put in place the tools you need to plan for your family’s future.

What are the components of an Estate Plan?

There are 7 components to a comprehensive estate plan. Whereas, everyone should have an estate plan, you may not need every component. Therefore you should contact a professional to discuss your personal estate. MAJOR COMPONENTS OF AN ESTATE PLAN 1. Health Care Directive 2. Financial Power of Attorney 3. Last Will and Testament 4. Trust 5. Retirement Distribution Plan 6. Tax Mitigation Plan 7. Advance Arrangements Funeral Plan